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Rick and Jan Cunningham, Missionaries to Romania

Assemblies of God World Missions, Romania

Serving for 38 years as missionaries, 11 years in Spain and now 27 years in Romania, Rick has a passion to train young workers for ministry which has seen hundreds of new workers prepared to serve God as pastors, missionaries, and more.

Rick has served 20 years as Vice President of CRST, as a founding member of APME Romanian Missions Agency from its birth, helping launch Romanian missionary candidates and find missions mentors in the country of their calling. He helped introduce a missions accounting program that enabled APME to grow into one of the fastest growing missions programs in all of Europe today. Rick also has served as a youth evangelist in national conferences across Romania.

Rick has a master’s degree in Transcultural Missions in the Billy Graham School of Theology, Wheaton, IL, Rick’s passion is seeing young workers called, trained and helping launch their ministries as intercultural workers worldwide!

For the last 15 years, he serves as a European Representative in the World Assemblies of God Mission Commission, promoting missionary movements internationally – he has cast vision for missions across Europe – in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, and more. Through his office 140 books have been translated and printed in the Romanian language to prepare yet more workers! “My passion is helping prepare and send out young Romanians as missionaries to the ends of the earth.”

Jan (Rick’s wife) also teaches each year at CRST. She has founded a national children’s evangelism ministry, KidzRomania, that trains local children’s workers in regional meetings, prepares Sunday school curriculum available on line easily downloadable, and now directs a 30 minute weekly television outreach program for children that is broadcast nationally on two Christian networks in Romania. Rick and Jan have three sons, the oldest a missionary for 12 years in India, the second a pastor in the USA and the third in college working at a hospital.

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